Dolphins – yes, we do see dolphins, we see them most days, however, we do not harass them, we do not target them and we definitely do not swim with them. All studies have shown this to have a negative affect on dolphin behaviour.

Dolphin-watching tour boats change bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) …..

Feds seek rules for swims with Hawaii dolphins

Kayaks – we do not offer kayaks on Phantom. We offer a sailing trip with great food and the beauty of the Bay of Isands. Boats that carry kayaks offer a minimum time for their use, shared amongst large numbers of guests on board.

How to find us we depart at 10am from the Russell wharf. Our guests either come directly from their Russell accommodation and some may take the passenger ferry from Paihia – a lovely 15 minute crossing of the bay.

Weather and cancellation – please call our freephone number the day before. We are always up to date with weather forecasts and if the weather is blowing a gale and we feel that it would not make for an enjoyable day, we might cancel and you would have a full refund.